Welcome to web laboratory of Anton TETERIN (OH2DZ, ex-OG2K).
Laboratory projects. Notes. Thoughts.

/pub - ENTER HERE (eventually will be closed), many materials moved to GitHub, such as:

https://github.com/InstallAndUse/Audio (audio related projects)
https://github.com/InstallAndUse/Daily (Daily routine enhancements, cheatsheets, know-hows, lifehacks)
https://github.com/InstallAndUse/File-Managers (mainly related to YouTube series )
https://github.com/InstallAndUse/Graphics (Mainly software related projects and notes)
https://github.com/InstallAndUse/mgmt (Management tools (for tasks, inventory (IPM), organizing) )
https://github.com/InstallAndUse/RPi (Raspberry Pi related projects, such as NTP server using GPS receiver, meteorology station using Dallas DS18x20 sensors and their replication and many others)

Callsign related:
- Radio amateur callsign OG2K belongs to Pekka Känkänen since 30.09.2019.
- Anton Teterin's current finnish callsign is OH2DZ (more about QSL exchange here).

HZ1DZ (Anton Teterin's callsign in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia): radio amateur, electronics, soldering, prototyping related resources:
- YouTube https://geni.us/HZ1DZonYouTube
- Instagram https://instagram.com/hz1dz
- Github https://github.com/HZ1DZ
- Telegram https://t.me/hz1dz

Install and Use (resources related to installation, configure and usage of software):
- Website https://InstallAndUse.com
- YouTube https://geni.us/WvxAdmi
- Instagram https://instagram.com/installanduse
- GitHub https://github.com/InstallAndUse
- Telegram https://t.me/InstallAndUse

Chef in Pantalones (blog, photos, recipes for culinary related topics):
- Instagram https://instagram.com/chefinpantalones
- YouTube https://geni.us/ChefInPantalones-YT

Check out what products and services I use, save yourself time and make me smile, using a referral link.
Thanks :v) To make an one-topic research, it takes time (sometimes more than evening), I would like you to take a shortcut.
- Referral links to products and services (I have/had, use/used)

There are a lot of knowledge is written form can be found from books. Here is a link to my shelves:
- My library: books here.

Gear and software used:
- Website https://InstallAndUse.com/gear
- KIT.co https://kit.co/AntonTeterin

More topics to come soon: - travel - sail - dive - build - self-improvement: daily, read, study, listen

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